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Kitchen shears are such indespensible tools. Use them to snip herbs, trim meats, cut open bags or break into thick packaging. Whatever you use them for, you may want more than one pair. Our customers' kitchen shears reviews have helped us select some of the most useful, durable kitchen shears. Peruse our selections to find the right pair for your culinary endeavors.

If you've ever tried challenging cooking techniques like spatchcocking chicken, you've probably realized that specially designed kitchen scissors are an essential item. They feature an especially sturdy pivot point that makes it easy to snap through bone. Offset blades create a cutting angle that's more akin to a pruning tool than paper or fabric scissors. Because you might commonly use them for handling raw meats and poultry, the best kitchen shears should have a take-apart style so that you can keep them completely sanitized. Their applications aren't limited to meat, however. You can use kitchen shears for a huge range of tasks, including trimming away unsavory bits from fresh vegetables and herbs, cutting up dried fruit or shredding greens. Some kitchen shears offer multi-tool functionality, featuring a bottle opener, screwdriver, nutcracker and jar opener in one convenient item.

Remember to consider the handle and blade style as you're making your choice. Certain styles are right- or left-hand only. Also, cushioned grips can absorb pressure to make your task more comfortable. Regarding blades, a serrated edge can give you better grip when you're cutting slippery items.

Popular Brands:
Zwilling J.A. Henckels is a top name in cutlery, and their kitchen shears live up to the company's stellar reputation. This Solingen, Germany-based manufacturer uses their signature ice-hardened FRIDOUR steel that retains its edge. Wusthof is another popular choice that fares well in our kitchen shears reviews. Also from Solingen, this company has a long tradition of crafting superior cutlery. Each blade that exits their factory has undergone 40 steps of inspection to ensure precision quality.

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