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When you take care of your quality cutlery, you can expect years of reliable use. The tools on this list received excellent knife sharpener reviews from our customers. You'll find a great product here whether you're a culinary professional or a novice home cook.

A whetstone is a type of manual knife sharpener you'll commonly see in professional kitchens, and it certainly gives trained chefs an advantage. Using a whetstone requires maintaining a consistent angle as you drag the entire blade, from tip to bolster, across the coarse surface in a fluid motion. Whetstones often have at least two levels of coarseness.

For a convenient solution, consider a sharpening station. These tools come with pre-set or adjustable sharpening angles that you can rely on for a consistent angle along the length of the blade. We offer both manual and electric knife sharpener stations. Choose electric for the fastest results with the least amount of effort. Manual sharpener stations are easy to use, too. If you choose this style, make sure it has a heavy bottom or a handle so that you can easily anchor it as you work. To maintain your blade between sharpening sessions, use a honing steel. It realigns your cutting edge, restoring it for continued use.

Popular Brands:
A number of ChefsChoice sharpening stations receive consistently high knife sharpener reviews from our customers. The company provides innovative small appliances that inspire both professional and home chefs worldwide. ChefsChoice produced one of the first modern electric knife sharpeners. If you're looking for an ideal complement to a Wusthof or Zwilling J.A. Henckels knife set, each of these established companies offers top-rated knife sharpeners with specifications to suit their cutlery.

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