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Free up some time with these top-rated microwave cookware products. Our customers have given each product in this category extra kudos for their convenience and effectiveness. Judging from the enthusiastic microwave cookware reviews we've received, the tasty and fast results from these best-rated items speak for themselves.

You probably already love your microwave cookware for heating leftovers and thawing meats, but many microwaves are effective as a primary cooking process for bacon, eggs and even homemade chips made from potatoes, apples and other produce. Some of our customers' favorites include innovative products and high-density plastic sets that make your microwave even more useful. For example, our top-rated microwave cookware includes spatter screens to make warming foods topped with red sauces less messy. We also have options that make fun recipes, like flavored popcorn, easier. These products let you simply add ingredients -- including seasoning and savory sauces -- close the lid, set the microwave timer and wait for the ding. If you find yourself wanting tasty food when you're tight on time, today's best microwave cookware helps you get a delicious meal on the table in no time.
Popular Styles:

Our top-rated microwave cookware selection includes a number of basic microwave cooking essentials. A plate cover is really a must-have for any microwave user. Also, look for sets that feature perfect-match plates to eliminate food or grease spills. There are even specialty microwave cookware bundles that are ideal for cooking pasta. Another popular selection is the brownie pan, which lets you easily whip up a delicious, chewy batch of blondies for dessert or this weekend's potluck. For fast breakfasts, plastic egg and muffin containers are just the right size for a yummy morning sandwich.

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