Top Rated Microwave Ovens

Speed up your meal prep with one of the top-rated microwave ovens that garnered glowing reviews from our satisfied customers. These essential kitchen appliances do more than just pop popcorn, defrost frozen foods and reheat leftovers. Today's best-rated microwave ovens often include features that allow you to crisp bacon, steam asparagus and grill chicken -- all in one convenient appliance.

Microwaves heat the interior of an item, not just the surface, which makes them unbeatable when it comes to speedy reheating and efficient defrosting. To address browning and crisping, convection microwave ovens and those with halogen lights provide more cooking options. Sensors that detect the amount of water in food and adjust heating times accordingly are also an asset, taking the guesswork out of timing. Easy-touch keypads and other convenience features give some of our top-rated microwave ovens an extra edge.

Whether you have a tiny SoHo studio or a large spread in the suburbs, we have the right microwave oven for you. Our top-rated list contains everything from space-conscious compact units to full-size microwaves that are ideal for families, as well as over-the-range models that offer the ultimate in space-saving efficiency. Take the guesswork out of your microwave cooking adventures by choosing units that have plenty of preset options. With just a touch of a button, these microwaves can bake a fluffy potato, warm up your morning coffee or defrost and cook a frozen entree.

Find the style that best complements your kitchen among our top-rated microwave ovens. From classic and subdued to positively futuristic, our collection has the aesthetics you're looking for. Choose a white unit to give your kitchen a classic look, go with black to set off those granite countertops or consider a stainless steel microwave oven for a truly contemporary look.

Popular Brands:
Cuisinart brought the first food processor for home use to North America in the 1970s. Since then, they've relied on innovative technology and design to create many of our best-reviewed small kitchen appliances, including some of our top-rated microwave ovens.

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