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Our best-rated canning jars category includes our customers' top picks for preserving containers and canning accessories. Whether you're seeking to capture the sun-kissed produce from your home garden or local farmers' market or simply want some handy storage containers around the kitchen, these top-rated tools might just make your culinary life a little easier. A row of jelly jars, pickles and chutneys adds a homey touch to any kitchen.

All of our best-reviewed canning jars are Mason-style jars, which are the only USDA-approved glass canning containers. They come in a huge range of styles and sizes. If you're planning on giving your preserved foods as gifts, consider decorative crystal jelly jars or vintage-style colored glass. Larger jars can save you time if you're canning sauces or jellies for use at home, and tall jars are excellent for recipes with long vegetables, such as pickled green beans or asparagus. Wide-mouth jars are an easy-to-fill choice. A complete canning system commonly includes vital accessories like a jar lifter and canning rack in addition to jars and a water bath container.

One of our favorite preserves is scrumptious strawberry freezer jam, and BPA-free plastic jars are perfect for storing this treat. They're an excellent choice for freezing fruits, veggies and jams. Unlike self-sealing lids for glass preserving jars, the lids that come with the BPA-free plastic jars are reusable. Straw lids and infuser lids are other fun accessories that can help you get more out of your jar collection.

Popular Brands:
Since its inception in 1884, the Ball® brand has been virtually synonymous with home canning, and their products feature prominently among our best-rated canning jars. With the goal of helping users preserve homegrown produce, they continue to provide a wide range of sizes and styles. They also offer the popular Kerr® preserving jars as well as ingredients and canning accessories from pectin to plastic freezer jars.

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