Top Rated Portable Burners & Warming Trays

It's no fun when the food you're serving goes all cold and unappetizing. But with our top-rated portable burners, you can serve hot, fresh food for your family and guests every time. These aren't just any burners. Each of these warming trays has been reviewed a minimum of 20 times and received a minimum four out of five stars. In other words, our customers liked them a lot.

Our top-rated portable burners are great for buffet-style service. Imagine having have three or four different plates of appetizers on the warmer at once. Your guests will be thrilled to enjoy your good cooking at the peak of freshness. If you're catering a family affair, like a wedding, these top-rated portable burners can keep bowls of wedding soup warm while you enjoy a crisp Caesar salad, and then keep baked ziti at just the right temperature while your brother-in-law finishes his long speech. These burners heat up in only a few minutes, and stay warm for up to an hour. Many of these models are cordless, so all yo have to do is plug them in for a few minutes, then place them on the table, add plates of food, and walk away. Most have an automatic temperature control device that prevents overheating, making these food-warming trays safe to use almost anywhere. The handles are always cool, whether the unit is on or off. When the meal's over, the stainless steel buffet warming trays are easy to clean and then store in your cabinet or pantry.

Popular Styles:
Buffet servers and warming trays come in a variety of popular styles, including rectangular and round. Flat warming trays are excellent for warming plates, potluck dishes and meats, while buffet servers are great for keeping side dishes and soups at just the right temperature.

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