Top Rated Pressure Cookers

From small 4-quart models to large capacity 12-quart workhorses, these top-rated pressure cookers can make your life a whole lot easier in the kitchen by shortening cooking time and increasing flavor. Rated the best by our customers, these top pressure cookers feature a variety of tools and accessories--making them very versatile appliances.

Our top-rated pressure cookers offer capacities between 4 to 10 quarts. Smaller pressure cookers are good for side dishes and small cuts of meat, while larger cookers provide more space for whole chickens and large cuts of beef. Stainless steel pressure cookers offer durability, while those made with aluminum are lighter and easier to carry. Pressure cookers can raise the temperature of boiling water from 212 degrees Fahrenheit to nearly 250 F without losing much moisture, meaning you'll be able to cook juicier foods at fast speeds. Nearly all top-rated pressure cookers come with a high setting that translates to about 15 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure and a low setting at around 10 PSI for recipes that require longer cooking times.

Whether you need a top-rated pressure cooker to make one-pot meals or you just like the idea of quick healthy cooking, we're confident you'll find a pressure cooker to meet your needs here.

Popular Styles:
Some pressure cookers come as combo sets that include variously sized pots and inserts like strainer baskets. Many of our best-rated pressure cookers work well on your stovetop, and a good number of them are approved for all heat sources, including induction heat. If part of your cooking routine includes canning, look for a pressure cooker sets that include those tools.

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