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Good cookware that heats efficiently and stands up to frequent use can make your culinary endeavors easier and more satisfying. Our best-reviewed saucepans category showcases our customer's top choices of this kitchen essential. Saucepans do much more than make sauce. You can use them to deep-fry small batches of fritters, make a pot of rice and even blanch vegetables.

When it comes to materials, you have many options. Stainless steel saucepans are among the most durable pans out there, and they also resist rust and discoloration. Aluminum saucepans tend to be lighter weight and conduct heat very efficiently. This means they get hot faster, cool down faster and can heat more evenly than some other materials. Plied cookware combines multiple materials to take advantage of the best of each. Some of our best-reviewed saucepans feature stainless steel exteriors surrounding a layer of highly-conductive aluminum.

Our top-rated saucepans range in size from 1 quart to 4.5 quarts, meaning you can find a saucepan for just about any task, whether you want to melt a few tablespoons of butter or prepare one-pot meals that serve a whole crowd. Choose from straight-sided pots or rounded sides that accommodate whisking. High sides and lids help reduce evaporation. Another important characteristic of saucepans is their single, long handles. These handles are usually made of a material that conducts heat more slowly than the rest of the pot, keeping them cooler and easy to grip. Riveting and welding are standard methods of attaching a handle, although some of our top-rated saucepans feature cast handles for maximum strength.

Popular Brands:

Le Creuset has graced kitchens with their signature brightly colored, enameled cast-iron pots and pans since 1925. Today, 15 artisans put their expertise into each piece, endowing all Le Creuset cookware with handcrafted quality. Another prominent purveyor of our best-reviewed saucepans is Calphalon. This company is was the vanguard of aluminum cookware, having introduced their hard-anodized line in 1976. For modern kitchens, Calphalon constantly innovates its product offerings to keep culinary professionals and home chefs cooking.

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