Top Rated Saute Pans

When you want to gain a culinary edge in the kitchen, let our top-rated saute pans point you in the right direction. One of the best, most oft-used tools in a chef's cookware arsenal, saute pans are great for searing meat, deglazing and reducing sauces and sauteing vegetables. These saute pans have consistently gotten the best reviews from our customers.

Straight edges on these pans ensure even cooking throughout and good heat retention for sauces. These top-rated saute pans allow you to agitate the pan quickly to cook vegetables over high heat, which is great when you want to keep them hot, crunchy and full of flavor and nutrients. Choose among 5-ply stainless steel, hard-anodized aluminum and even porcelain enamel-coated exteriors with nonstick interiors, depending on your preferred weight and feel. Handle length is another important factor to consider when picking out a sauté pan, since you want to be able to move the pan easily and safely. Stay-cool handles are another handy feature. Finally, our best-rated saute pans feature the capacities you need. Choose a 3-quart pan for a side dish or meal for one, while larger 6-quart pans can help you feed the whole family and maybe a few neighbors to boot. Tempered glass lids let you to keep an eye on your food without losing moisture or heat.

Popular Brands:
We have a number of pans from the cookware lines of TV chefs and personalities, and our customers have rated the saute pans from Rachael Ray and Paula Deen highly. Calphalon is a well-known cookware brand with consistently well-reviewed sauté pans. All-Clad also makes top-rated saute pans.

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