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What are your top-rated small kitchen appliances? We poured over small appliance reviews and have come up with our customers' best-rated small culinary devices. Here are their picks for the best of the best small kitchen appliances -- you can find new takes on old favorites in here, and possibly a few new toys that will pique your appetite.

We found that a number of our best small kitchen appliances made everyday culinary tasks easier to complete. These include sandwich makers, food processors, slicers and can openers to name a few. In search of that perfect cup of coffee? You'll be happy to see a number of espresso and coffee makers, including the most popular Keurig models. Everyone who enjoys a hearty morning breakfast will appreciate culinary tools like juicers and waffle makers. If a mixer is what you seek, then you're in the right place because we have an outstanding selection of standing and hand mixers and blenders. If you just need a few new attachments, like dough hooks or whisks, we have those as well. For those of you searching for ways to cook Grandma's pot roast or hone your rice making skills, then a slow cooker or rice cooker might right for you.

You asked for the best, and we went one step further and brought you top-rated small kitchen appliances in all the makes and models you requested. In fact, we have such a wonderful assortment of them it would take pages and pages to list every single one. To make it easier we've sorted them by type so you can find just the kind of appliance you want.

Popular Brands:
We went over all of our customers' small kitchen appliance reviews and made sure the brands you know are easy to fine. To that end, we are proud to offer brands like KitchenAid® and Cuisinart, both leaders in the field. Other familiar brands include Keurig, Vitamix, Calphalon and Breville.

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