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Smoking adds a depth of flavor that's unequivocally unique. Our users have determined which smokers are the best, in terms of easiest to use and most effective, and we've acknowledged their insight with our list of best-reviewed smokers. A smoker is a simple tool that features just a few key components. First, a large, container with legs and a lid serves as housing for your endeavor.

Our top-rated smokers typically use charcoal fuel, but there are other types to consider. Inside a charcoal smoker, there is a place to create a coal fire from charcoal and wood chips, a pan for water and one or two removable grates on which to cook the food. The water pan is important because it promotes regular temperatures and plenty of flavorful vapor and smokers with two grates provide the option of cooking larger quantities. Vents on a charcoal smoker provide oxygen to keep the fire smoldering happily. Although smokers tend to maintain more even temperatures than some other outdoor cooking methods, models with built-in thermometers offer an easy way to monitor the temperature. Electric smokers provide a somewhat more convenient option. These give you some of that luscious smoky flavor, plus the simplicity of placing your meat, adjusting the settings and sitting back to wait for supper without the need to keep watch over the fire. Propane smokers are likewise convenient, and they have the added benefit of fuel-efficiency and portability. Choose the fuel style that suits your cooking style to achieve incredible smokehouse flavor.

Popular Brands:
Weber is a tried-and-true brand that produces simple-to-use grills, barbecue accessories and some of the best-reviewed smokers. Our users consistently give top ratings to Weber brand products, and we have to agree with their assessment. Their charcoal smoker offers double grates for multiple servings, a rust-resistant fuel door for adding flavorful wood chips and many more features that have appealed to countless grill masters.

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