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Are you looking for ways to impress relatives and dazzle guests? Then peruse our top-rated specialty cookware.You know these are going to be great additions to your kitchen because each item has been thoroughly reviewed -- and passed with flying colors -- by other customers. Choose a handy time-saving gadget like one of our microwave steamers, or pick a one-of-a-kind novelty item such as an Ovo hemisphere, or treat yourself to a new tagine. Whatever new tools you choose, rest assured knowing they are considered the best by many other cooks.

Do you love lobster or other seafood? Choose one of our top-rated lobster and clam steamers with enough room to achieve a full boil. How about popcorn? Anyone can pop a bag in the microwave, but why would you do that when you can make it fresh in a stovetop popper, complete with a rustic hand crank? What about a Danish treat called an aebleskiver, better known to some as a puff pancake. We have a tool for that, too. We know most everyone enjoys a poached egg now and then, but why test your luck in a simmering water bath? This selection includes best-reviewed styles that cook one at a time or up to six eggs at once.

Popular styles:
Top-rated specialty cookware comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, like an 8-inch tagine or a 9-inch frittata pan. There are pasta pots, stovetop deep fryers and even bright-colored silicone pot sleeves to protect sensitive skin from hot handles. Add smoke to your favorite fish or meat with one of our stovetop smokers then try one of our popular crepe pans for a decadent dessert, or, go savory by filling the crepe with asparagus expertly prepared in one of our asparagus steamers. You might even find dishes designed for specific purposes, like poaching eggs and making silver dollar pancakes.

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