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Our collection of best-rated specialty cutlery provides the right tools for your toughest, trickiest kitchen tasks. These specialized cutlery items help you chop, mince, dice and spread with ease, tackling tough melon rinds, delicate herbs and the hard-to-reach bottom of a mayo jar -- earning them four or five stars from our customers. We agree that these contemporary cutlery tools are an essential part of any cook's arsenal, and we think they'll become a prized addition to your kitchen.

Freshen up pasta, chicken or salad with fragrant herbs using a mezzaluna. It effortlessly minces to ensure even distribution and a burst of bright flavor in each bite. The half-moon shape efficiently works through a large bunch of parsley, mint or basil while keeping your fingers safely out of the blade's path. You can select an individual mezzaluna or choose one in a set with an ideally sized cutting board. Nonstick knives release ingredients with ease, reducing drag and maintaining a clean blade as you switch from one task to another, reducing the time spent cleaning the blade. Making meals for a crowd is a simple with the right sandwich spreader, which covers a slice of bread with jam, aioli or peanut butter in one stroke thanks to the wide, oval blade. A longer handle helps you easily reach the last of the contents from the bottom of just about any jar, reducing waste.

Popular Styles:
With their large, slightly curved blades, chef's knives are consistently considered dynamo kitchen tools. They're among our customer's favorite tools for just about any cutlery task. A variety of gourmet knives smoothly cut through tough rinds, delicate tomato skins and crusty bread. The durable, steel blades withstand even the most obstinate foods while retaining their sharp edge longer.

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