Top Rated Spice Racks

We're big fans of these top-rated spice racks, which have received rave reviews from our customers. This best selection of unique, sleek, quirky and cool spice storage systems keep your favorite herbs and spices within reach -- and looking good. Aside from keeping similar-looking spices like cayenne and chili powders organized and identifiable, these are the best spice rack sets to keep delicate herbs and spices fresh. If you favor preground spices, you need a good, tight seal to keep your curry and cinnamon pleasantly pungent, and you'll find that quality in these best-reviewed sets. From traditional revolving towers to sleek, magnetized racks, we have the right configuration to fit your kitchen.

Rather than hiding bags and random spice bottles in the cupboard, why not load them into one of these best-reviewed racks and place it proudly near your main prep area? With your favorites neatly organized on a convenient spice storage system, you'll be able to spend more time cooking and less time digging through the pantry. What would food taste like without a pinch of this and a dash of that? We shudder at the thought!

Popular Styles:

Styles range from classic rack or shelf designs to spice carousels that dispense metered amounts neatly into a measuring spoon. Magnetic spice racks take up minimal space because you can mount the magnet to a wall or door, or simply stick the containers on the fridge. In-drawer racks keep bottles at a slight angle so that labels are visible and the spices are easy to grasp. Empty spice shelves eliminate the need to pour spices into new bottles; just place your existing containers on the rack and call it good. Revolving racks save space by organizing spices on a spinning tower, which you can tuck into a cupboard or set on the counter.

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