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Stand mixers have been around for decades, and for good reason. Sturdy and functional, they make many kitchen tasks much easier. The wide variety of stand-mixer accessories available make this kitchen workhorse even more useful and convenient. Our customers agree, based on all the stand-mixer reviews touting the many benefits of these accessories. It's simple: having the right attachments on hand can help you make the most of your stand mixer.

Whether you're mixing up your favorite cookie dough, meatballs or pasta, our top-rated stand mixers have plenty of complementary accessories. Wire whips are excellent for whipping up some delicious frosting or cream. If you're looking for a tool for more advanced techniques, check out the food grinder attachment. Use it to grind your own meats for that perfect burger, homemade sausage or meatballs. It's also great for grating harder cheeses and for grinding vegetables and fruits for salsa or soups. Channel your inner Italian with the pasta roller attachment, or make your own delicious frozen dessert with the ice cream attachment. 

Popular Brands:
KitchenAid is certainly a popular name in this category--not surprising since they came up with the original stand mixer back in 1919. Since then, they've continued to provide some of the best stand-mixer accessories that make cooking and baking easier than ever.

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