Top Rated Stand Mixers

Keep your hands free with one of our top-rated stand mixers. Our customers have given these mixers the best ratings, and we love how they can handle a wide variety of kitchen tasks. These powerful small appliances sit proudly on the counters of many home cooks and professional chefs. Once you use one of our top-rated stand mixers, you'll wonder how you ever cooked or baked without it.

These popular appliances have powerful yet surprisingly quiet electric motors that let you work with dense foods like cookie and bread dough without disturbing everyone in the house. Many of our top-rated stand mixers feature tall, sturdy stainless steel mixing bowls to increase stability and reduce spattering. Some models come with clear glass bowls that have etched measurement markings, so you can easily monitor the ingredients going into your mixture. Many of these versatile stand food mixers have a variable 10-speed motor and a few have 12 speeds. Most come standard with snap-on accessories, such as a dough hook, a whisk and a flat beater, and use a spiral mixing action that effectively blends ingredients for superior results.

Many of our best-rated stand mixers offer special optional attachments. Turn your mixer into a meat grinder, sausage maker or even an ice cream machine. These mixers allow you to work with many types of ingredients during preparation, including pasta, vegetables and citrus fruits, thanks to the handy juicer attachment. Electric stand mixers add a pop of color to any space as they are available in many bright colors, such as empire red, cobalt blue and gloss cinnamon. For those who prefer neutrals, many mixers come in attractive black, white and silver tones. The mixers are available in many different sizes, from a lighter-duty 5-quart mixer to a large 7-quart model. All of these professional-grade stand mixers are appropriate for a personal or commercial kitchen, and they make great gifts.

Popular Brands:
KitchenAid makes a full line of countertop devices. Durable metal housing and cheery bright colors really set these stand food mixers apart. Cuisinart also makes a very nice product that features digital side controls.

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