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Our customers are very discerning when it comes to their beverages, and they've chosen these teas as their top picks because they taste great. We've looked at hundreds of tea reviews and collected all of our customers' top-rated favorites in one place. From English breakfast to matcha, hot teas and iced--these teas have been taste-tested and reviewed by customers like you, earning high ratings for flavor, value and ease of preparation. Before these teas were chosen by our customers, they were approved by professional tasters. In fact, tasters may try dozens of different blends a day, but only the best ones make it into your glass. 

If you're craving orange tea, ginger tea, chai, jasmine or other exotic flavors, you've come to the right place. Our best-rated teas are much more than flavorful. The beautiful colors and delectable aromas of our top-rated teas really make presentation special. You'll find caffeinated teas designed to jump-start your morning and soothing herbal teas to help you find a few moments of peace after a long day. There are tea bags that can make a gallon or more at a time and K-cup teas for those times when you just want a glass or two. Find the perfect hot tea to enjoy in front of the fireplace or a refreshing iced tea for those lazy summer afternoons. With our best-rated teas, it's easy to find just the right beverage for your mood.

Popular Brands:
Tazo Tea buyers roam the world, from South America to Southeast Asia, to bring you unique new flavors. Browse their selection of exotic blends here. Bigelow Tea, a company that's been family-owned for three generations, focuses on classic flavors and traditional teas.

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