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Our customers rave about the bagels, waffles and other breakfast items that pop up from our best-reviewed toasters. They love how these top-rated toasters consistently deliver goodies made to their taste preference and look attractive on their counters. Our top-rated toasters let you control their shade and time settings for English muffins, thick breads or frozen breakfast treats, whether you want them toasted a crisp brown or lightly tanned and chewy.

When deciding on a new toaster, consider how many pieces you'll typically prepare at once. Many of our top-rated two-slice toasters, still the most common, have extra-wide slots for artisan breads and bagels, digital-progress displays and levers to lift the toasted items up manually from the heat source. Other features found on top-rated toasters include defrost and reheat settings, removable crumb trays to simplify clean up and automatic safety shutoffs. The four-slice versions are a bit larger and may use more space on your counter, but the additional slots help get the entire family's breakfast on the table at once. While most four-slice toasters have similar features, some let you vary the settings so you can make a lightly browned piece on one side while heavily browning a piece on the other.

The best-reviewed toasters are all designed with durability and attractiveness in mind. Brightly colored ones in eye-catching shades can match or stand apart from your other appliances. Stainless steel toasters with polished or brushed veneers have a classic look and are another popular choice.

Popular Brands:
We love the variety of toasters made by three of the best small appliance brands today: Cuisinart, KitchenAid and Calphalon. All three make models in two-slice and four-slice options. Cuisinart's brushed stainless steel toasters have a retro charm with modern features. KitchenAid's toasters feature their classic red as well as other striking shades with state-of-the-art features. Calphalon's toasters mirror other appliances in their quality Kitchen Electrics collection.

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