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Want to whip up a delicious stir-fry? We've selected the top-rated woks based on our customers' wok reviews so you can purchase the best wok for your needs. Chosen for their durable construction, professional-grade performance and attractive features, our selection includes stainless steel woks, ceramic woks and nonstick stir-fry pans.

These versatile pans can be used to braise, steam, sear and stir fry foods. Enameled cast iron, stainless and carbon steel woks can be used in the oven or under the broiler as well. Steel and cast-iron woks are designed to cook at high heat, so they're great for searing thin slices of meat and sauteing veggies quickly to keep them crisp and nutritious.

To get the most out of your top-rated wok, look for one that's designed to meet your needs. Flat-bottomed woks are excellent for electric cooktops and work just as well with gas. Traditional round-bottomed woks are great for use with high flames. Nonstick woks don't need any extra fats or oils and provide reliable performance for a variety of foods, while well-seasoned carbon steel provides that extra flavor known as wok hei. Look for a wok with a tight-fitting cover if you plan on making steamed dumplings, shumai and other dim sum favorites. Woks with long, ergonomic handles let you flip food like a pro, while short-handled woks are easier to store in a cupboard and make great serving dishes. No matter what you're looking for in a wok, you'll find that our customers' woks reviews make choosing the perfect one easy.

Popular Brands:
Calphalon has received rave woks reviews for both their nonstick and stainless steel options, available in a number of styles. Le Creuset's beautiful enameled cast-iron woks come with tempered glass covers for making dim sum, and they make lovely serving vessels. For top-rated carbon steel woks, look to Joyce Chen.

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