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Torrefiazione Italia has been roasting and brewing their full-bodied, Italian-style "caffes" in the Seattle area since the mid-1980s. While a Starbuck's affiliate, they operate using their own generations-old, classic roasting techniques.

If you have some geographical knowledge of Italy, you'll know how to pick your Torrefazione blend by the city it's named after. Traditionally, coffee made in the mountainous northern regions is on the lighter side, and the further you go south, to warmer and drier climes, the darker and richer the blend becomes. Therefore the Palermo blend (the capital of Sicily) is the darkest coffee Torrefazione offers, with a velvety, intense, buttery richness. While the medium roast Perugia blend (north of Rome) is still full-bodied but aromatically heady, balanced and very smooth. Somewhere between the two lies the Napoli blend. Still dark and southern in character and geography, it is nonetheless a versatile, medium roast blend with hints of sweet caramel and lively spice. For a more peaceful respite, brew a batch of Montecatini decaf blend, developed to express the laid-back Tuscan life, without sacrificing richness in character.

All this depth of flavor is no accident, as these coffees were initially created to make espresso, as that's what you would always have in Italy. However, as they soon found, the smooth character and strength of flavor found in these blends translate beautifully when the beans are brewed as American-style drip coffee or in a French press. Sold in bags of whole beans for your fresh cup-by-cup grinding pleasure, or conveniently pre-ground.

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