Towle hearkens back to the earliest days of American silversmiths, creating the finest in dining implements for a young nation. From its founding in 1690, the company has been dedicated to providing elegant flatware and tools for those with exquisite tastes. This dedication to quality and beauty has remained throughout the years and now appears in sterling silver, silver-plated and stainless steel flatware and accessories created by the storied brand. Towle offers a wide selection of different patterns for its flatware and service tools, allowing you to choose the right match for your dining room. Elegant designs feature classical elements in beautiful sterling silver, making them a great choice for important family dinners and meetings, and silver-plated flatware and service pieces with simpler designs are a great choice for regular use or family dining events. Stainless steel flatware from Towle gives you an everyday-use selection that maintains the timeless elegance the brand has cultivated over centuries of existence. The serving choices from Towle include silver bowls and chafing dishes as well as beautiful hammered platters, plates and trays. Wow guests with a Towle silver tray created in a style that looks to be hundreds of years old: It could easily star as the centerpiece at almost any fine-dining event. Towle Living chafing dishes combine form and functionality for a striking look that's perfect for banquet and buffet-style dining.
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