Tristar brings the latest cooking innovations to your home with tools designed to simplify a variety of common cooking practices. These groundbreaking new preparation methods often deliver a stunning array of health benefits, from allowing you to extract nutrients through juicing to reducing fat in foods with carefully crafted heating methods. These developments also make it easy to create many different dishes in moments. Products in the Jack LaLanne Juicer line allow you to quickly and easily create your own fruit and vegetable juices for a boost of energy in the morning or for use in a variety of recipes. Models in this line include the Classic, Elite, Express and Pro versions, letting you tailor your selection to your family's needs. Tristar provides innovation in meat preparation with its AirWave fryer, which uses no oil when frying chicken, French fries and many other dishes, opting for healthier methods than deep frying. The company's Power Cooker follows the same philosophy, creating meals that would normally require hours in a slow cooker up to 70 percent faster than traditional methods. Flavor Infusion technology is at the heart of the Power Cooker, trapping flavors in for delicious meals in minutes. Recent products like the Perfect Toaster and Fusion Juicer continue the tradition of simple and healthy food preparation. Tristar products are great timesaving tools that deliver delicious and healthy meals for your whole family.
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