Twinings produces a wide selection of teas with a perfect flavor available for just about anyone. The company has a rich history tied directly into the tea trade, including the relationship between the founder and many luminaries in America's early years. Twinings tea has long imported the greatest tea blends from around the world, and the company's current offerings are a fine example of this international heritage. Twinings now brings a variety of teas, including black, white, green, chai, oolong and herbal blends, to tea aficionados around the world. Today's blends are grown in China and India as well as Kenya, Sri Lanka, Belarus and the Ukraine. Popular blends include English breakfast tea, Earl Grey and peppermint herbal tea. Teas often come in sealed boxes containing single-serving packets that steep beautifully in modern teapots and vacuum infusion cups. Some of the latest innovations in tea preparation, including K-cups, have been adopted by the Twinings brand. You can now quickly and easily prepare a variety of your favorite teas in minutes with single-serving cups available from Twinings. The company also makes travel mugs and other accessories to help you enjoy your favorite beverage on the go. Honey stirrers let you add a touch of sweetness to your tea wherever you travel, and they come in many different flavors, letting you mix and match to get the perfect taste combination.
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