Vacucraft is committed to helping households achieve healthy, safe diets. Because fresh and organic foods don't have preservatives, they can be difficult to maintain in your kitchen, often resulting in the unnecessary waste of expensive food. Vacucraft provides a solution with airtight containers that preserve foods in your fridge or cabinet up to five times longer than traditional storage options. The leak-proof containers even let you store liquid items, and stain-proof plastics keep your dishes looking great even after storing ingredients such as tomato sauce or blueberries. Designed to provide a vacuum seal with the help of an easy hand pump, Vacucraft products are also stackable to save space in your kitchen.

Popular Styles:

While all food benefits from safe, airtight storage, we know that hot beverage lovers especially appreciate quality canisters for their favorite tea leaves or ground coffee. Storing hot beverage ingredients in Vacucraft's containers lets you savor favorite flavors over months without losing quality or brewing strength.

Brand Features:

Products constructed with BPA-free plastics to help further protect you from harmful chemicals
  • Most items are dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning
  • Many items are safe for use in the microwave, letting you store and reheat food in the same dish

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