Vinturi products enhance your enjoyment of wine by introducing oxygen into the liquid. Most red wines and some whites benefit from aeration prior to drinking because the oxygen allows the tannins to mellow. Lengthy exposure puts wine off its taste, but the right amount of air introduced just prior to drinking releases the flavors and aromas each wine was meant to provide. The traditional way to aerate wine is in an elegant decanter. However, contemporary wine enthusiasts don't always have time to wait while wine decants, and not everyone has space for decanter storage. Vinturi solved the problem with a line of sophisticated yet simple tools that introduce air into the liquid as it's poured. Vinturi's patented pouring process speeds up aeration and brings out intense flavors in every glass. Made in the USA, the Vinturi line includes tools that are dishwasher safe. Wine connoisseurs who don't have time for decanters are likely to appreciate easy cleanup at the end of the evening. No-drip stands, sediment filters and tower bases that keep the aerators stable while you pour all add to the convenience of the Vinturi line. Remember that not all wines are created equal, which means you need a separate aerator for red and white wines. Purchase aerators separately or opt for an all-in-one package. For fine wine drinking on the go, consider the Vinturi Mini, which elevates wine tasting experiences or comes in handy for picnics and outings.

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