Waechtersbach USA has delivered fine tableware and ceramics since 1832. Today's line of Waechtersbach products is customized by bright, glossy glazes that are perfect for use in contemporary decor. The color palette of Waechtersbach dishes make it easy to mix and match for a festive table, or you can select a single color or pattern for a sleek, modern design. From salad bowls to teakettles, Waechtersbach ceramics provide everything you need to serve a delightful meal, and your guests and family members will enjoy eating from the fun plates. We know that some cooks pride themselves on delicious — as well as beautiful — meals, and anyone can create a gourmet-looking plate with the right platform. Waechtersbach dinner dishes provide that platform. A single white plate, a colorful dinner dish or a selection of complementary colors brings out the artistic infusion of color that is inherent in food. Mouth-watering dishes won't just smell good — they'll look so delightful, you'll have to fend guests and family off with a spoon while you gather everyone around your lovely table.

Popular Styles:
One of Waechtersbach's most popular products is the Fun Factory line of dinnerware. Available in a selection of colors, the line includes plates, bowls and mugs. Create a sunny table with yellow dishes, add a touch of elegance with royal blue or surprise guests with boldness when you serve items on a mixture of earthy orange and green plates.

Brand Features:

  • Bright, glossy glazes for contemporary decor
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Steeped in tradition since 1832
  • Fun designs for everyday use
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