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Waffle Irons

Waffle irons have dozens of uses, from making basic waffles to creating sumptuous desserts. Make homemade blueberry or chocolate chip waffles for a breakfast treat your family will love, or create a low-fat multigrain version that will help out your waistline. Use a round waffle iron to prepare batches of waffles ahead of time and freeze them for busy mornings. Classic waffles are always a treat, but you can change the flavor and texture by using your own recipe. If you prefer a thicker waffle, use a Belgian waffle iron to make spectacular brunch dishes or desserts. Simply top them with some fresh fruit, a dusting of confectioners' sugar and homemade whipped cream for a light but tasty dish. If you are looking for creative dinner ideas, purchase a waffle iron that doubles as a sandwich machine. These appliances have changeable plates that make waffles but also do a great job of making hot sandwiches, homemade pizza, or a multitude of other creations. Develop your own dessert recipes by experimenting with brownie batter, cinnamon rolls, S'more ingredients and cookie dough. Mini waffle irons make it easy to control your portions and make delicious meals you can eat on the go. Simply store your mini waffles in the freezer and heat them up in a toaster or toaster oven before you leave the house.

Popular Brands:

Cuisinart small appliances have a great reputation for style and quality. The company makes nonstick waffle irons with all the features you need to make basic round waffles or try new recipes.
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