America got its first look at Fred Waring's incredible invention, the blender, in 1937. Waring has now built an entire company around it. Since the 1930s, Waring has expanded its line of products considerably. Now, you'll find all sorts of blenders along with other appliances. Small blenders are perfect for single smoothies or milkshakes. If you want to serve blended drinks to a large group of people or if you want to puree a large batch of vegetables, Waring's bar blenders can handle the task. Open wine bottles with ease thanks to the available wine openers. With the juicers, you can enjoy fresh fruit and vegetable juices in just minutes. If you want to make something warm, you'll love Waring's toaster ovens, convection ovens, waffle irons and indoor grills. These space-saving products let you prepare delicious meals in even the smallest of kitchens. Waring even has you covered for snack time. Popcorn poppers and cotton candy makers are sure to make treats that please your family and friends. Waring's food slicers and meat grinders make slicing deli meats and preparing quality sausage possible for home cooks. Because Waring's kitchen appliances are durable as well as beautiful, you can use them frequently and store them on your counter.

Popular Styles:
Waring Professional items offer professional-level function at a price that suits home cooks. Try out one of Waring's signature blenders and discover the difference it makes in your smoothies, margaritas and soups. For cooks who like to stock their freezers with home-cooked meals, Waring offers vacuum sealers that operate easily and keep food fresh.

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