Founded in 1893, Weber is a leading manufacturer of outdoor grills and supplies. It all started with their round kettle grill, first produced in 1951. Although more than half a century has passed, Weber still manufacturers grills in this same general style. The design's been updated a bit and different colors are available; however, this charcoal grill still works in the same way to grill meats, fruits and vegetables with ease. Weber also offers gas grills for people who prefer to work with propane and smokers for those who love the taste of smokehouse meats. With Weber's line of accessories, you have everything you need to grill successfully. Rolling carts keep your supplies organized and handy; and if outdoor lighting is a problem, you can snap on a table light. High-quality grill brushes keep your grates clean, while tongs and spatulas help you remove food from the grill like a pro. Weber even makes a line of specialty supplies designed for specific types of foods. Pizza fans will love using a pizza stone on their Weber grill, and frequent fish grillers will love the fish basket that keeps your fish from sticking to the grill.

Popular Styles:
If you like gas grilling, the Weber Q 220 line can't be beat. Weber Original products include tongs, spatulas and baskets, all of which help you serve and transport your grilled delicacies with precision. With the Weber Grill Out line, you'll discover other accessories, such as lights, that make outdoor grilling enjoyable.

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