Our mats are proven and we know they are the best. We all know the adage – you get what you pay for – and it’s 100% true with us. We offer a product that is virtually indestructible, comes with a 7-year warranty, is made right here in the USA – and it’s healthy and performs! Why would you skimp on your own health and wellbeing? That's why you need (no, that’s why you deserve...) WellnessMats for your kitchen… for the whole home.

What is a WellnessMat?
It's an anti-fatigue mat, yet it is so much more...WellnessMats are an ally in the kitchen (maybe even a secret weapon?) and throughout your home - it's an essential cooking tool (ask any chef), but it's also an expression of your unique style & good taste, it’s a commitment to your own good health. We have a myriad of styles, patterns, colors and sizes to choose from – so you can stand in comfort & in style.

Moreover, we think you should consider WellnessMats as part of your healthy standing regimen at home because...

  • Unmatched In Comfort
  • Our 3/4" thickness is engineered to displace your body's weight comfortably while you are on your feet
  • Edges Will Never Curl
  • 20 Degree No-Trip Beveled Edge (ADA compliant)
  • Anti-microbial by Design
  • No slip top and bottom
  • Puncture and heat resistant – yep you can drop knives but watch your toes
  • Inherently anti-microbial and germ resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Safe & Non-toxic (PVC free)
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Who else can claim all of this?

Think about it – you spend hours on your feet in the kitchen…now think about spending hours standing on a WellnessMats – say goodbye to foot and back pain and hello to healthy, comfortable standing.

At Work, at Home - in the Kitchen, at the Grill, the Garage, the Vanity - even the Home Gym!

With so many options to choose from, you can customize, personalize, accessorize and even mix/match your favorites. Best of all? You're getting all of the benefits of ergonomic engineering, years of research and technology, all encapsulated in one solution designed for one purpose - keeping you comfortable where you stand.

We have something for everyone. Here are a few inspired Collections from WellnessMats:

  • Original:
  • Antique:
  • Companion:
  • Motif:
  • Granite:
  • Puzzle:
  • Maxum:
  • Seasons:

Why not give your body what it so richly deserves while you stand - wherever you stand! TAKE A STAND - on WellnessMats. Trust us, we've got your back (and knees, legs, hips. feet, lower back...and...) Your whole body will thank you. You have our word - you stand on it, we'll stand behind it.
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