We know that every cook has a different style and different needs, which is why we're delighted to offer you a selection of quality products from Weston. You'll find everyday items like silicone baking mats that protect your cookie sheets while ensuring perfectly golden baked goods without the dark, crispy bottoms that come from too much grease on the pan. Food mills and juicers help you process food, get the most flavor out of each recipe and eat as healthy as possible. Roma pasta machines and sauce makers ensure you know exactly what ingredients are going into your homemade dishes, and a five-slot press makes it easy to turn out perfect burgers or round eggs for sandwiches any time of day. Adventurous cooks can take advantage of Weston's propane smoker to bring juice meats to the table, and you can back up the flavor of those cuts with homemade wine made with the help of the Weston winepress. From backyard flavors to countertop convenience, Weston products meet you where your need is most apparent.

Popular Styles:
Weston products are about ensuring convenience and quality in your kitchen, regardless of your experience level with a given task. This may be one reason the canning kit is popular. The kit comes with all the utensils you need to ensure a proper canning job — you simply add fresh produce, jars and lids and a double boiler or canning pot to the mix.

Brand Features:

  • Durable metal construction on many products
  • Most applicable items come with generous warranties
  • Items are designs for compact use in busy kitchens
  • Many items are dishwasher safe
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