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Waterford Wine & Spirit Glasses

If you entertain frequently, then having the proper Wine & Spirit Glasses on hand is a necessity. Serving wine and other drinks in the proper glassware is more than just proper etiquette; the size and shape of the glasses you use can have an effect on the drinks they contain. Red wines need aeration in order to allow their flavor and aroma to fully develop, which is why red wine glasses generally have a very wide bowl. Pour a small of wine into the glass and be sure to swirl it around a bit to allow as much exposure to the air as possible. Champagne, on the other hand, wouldn't be champagne without the bubbles. Serve your sparkling wines in champagne flutes that are tall and narrow with a slight tulip shape that will trap the bubbles instead of allowing them to escape so you can fully enjoy the taste and sensation. White wine glasses are somewhere in the middle, with a slight tulip shape and opening that is neither too wide or too small. Wine glasses generally have long stems so that your hand doesn't touch the bowl and needlessly warm up the wine, but there is a new trend that has become very popular in stemless wine glasses. They still do a fabulous job of serving wine the right way, but they are very chic and stylish looking, and there's less chance for breakages when you wash them. When serving cocktails, be sure to keep highball, lowball and margarita glasses on hand so that you are ready for every occasion.
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