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Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry brought canning supplies and pressure cookers to the market as early as 1930. Products that met family and kitchen needs at a time when saving food for later consumption was essential to survival made Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry a go-to brand for home canning tools. Today, you can still purchase All American® canners and pressure cookers from Wisconsin Aluminum, letting you preserve the tastes and nutrients of a summer garden for use throughout the year. The pressure cookers from All American feature exclusive design elements such as a metal-to-metal sealing system that increases performance and safety during use. The canners employ methods that are recommended by the USDA for low-acid foods, and let you prepare large batches in minimal time—ideal for those in a hurry. Wisconsin Aluminum also provides quality cookware via Chef's Design®, a line of heavy-duty cast aluminum griddles and grills. Nonstick cooking surfaces let you concentrate on flavors without worrying about stuck-on food, and make clean up easier. Generous product warranties protect your investment and ensure you can cook and can well into the future. The Chef's Design line also includes roasting pans, casserole dishes and buffet servers. Many of Wisconsin Aluminum's products are made in the USA, but the company distributes a few items from global manufacturers to provide customers with additional options.
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