With more than 150 years of experience in the cooking and kitchen industry, it's not surprising that WMF USA brings high-quality utensils and productive designs to tables across the country. The WMF brand makes a promise to home and business chefs across the country: to deliver exceptional products that promote unique culinary experiences. WMF began in 1853 with a concentration on attractive tableware, but today the brand encompasses all aspects of food prep and dining. Purchase cutlery that offers years of functionality at your table, or search for the small kitchen appliance that makes your life easier on a regular basis. Pressure cookers and steamers let you prepare healthy meal alternatives without losing flavor, and fryers offer convenient preparation of down-home dishes that delight family and guests. Cooking utensils made of 100 percent stainless steel look great hanging on wall racks or above your cooking surface, and WMF USA ensures every tool is designed for efficient use and convenient cleanup. Porcelain dinnerware brings timeless decor to your table, and the brand offers specialty items to make dining fun and easy for children. The meal might be over, but conversation doesn't have to end. WMF USA offers a selection of pitchers, mugs and glasses so you can pour a perfect cuppa or serve after-dinner drinks in utmost style.
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