When you use a Wusthof knife, it is easy to see why professional chefs trust this cutlery brand for chopping, dicing, slicing and other cutting techniques. Every piece of Wusthof cutlery is made from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel, improving durability and ensuring you will be able to use the knife for years to come. Wusthof uses strict production methods to produce the highest-quality cutlery and maximize sharpness, giving you the ability to use different cutting angles for different foods. With Wusthof cutlery, no task is too difficult. Create beautiful trays of cheese and fruit, chop fresh vegetables for a healthy snack, slice a thick loaf of bread or carve a roast with perfect precision. Wusthof offers both laser-stamped and forged cutlery so you can choose the style you prefer. The laser-stamped knives are ideal for chefs who prefer lightweight cutlery, while the forged knives offer added durability. The seamless fit between the handle and the blade makes it easy to clean your Wusthof cutlery and make safety a priority. Enhance your cutlery collection with an individual knife, a knife block set or a manual knife sharpener.

Popular Styles:
Wusthof's Classic style is a standard in households of many home cooks, while Gourmet is a great choice for the budget-minded or cooks who want the high-carbon blades of Wusthof but don’t insist on their knives having forged construction (heavier weight and individually “forged” out of single slabs of steel).

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