Zeroll ice cream scoops are designed for comfort and functionality. The idea for the first Zeroll scoop was born in the 1930s after founder Sherman Kelly observed a young woman getting blisters while using a traditional disher to scoop ice cream for customers. Kelly's idea led to the patented Zeroll ice cream scoop, which contains nontoxic oil in the handle that lets the warmth of a user's hand transfer across the scoop. Keeping the scoop defrosted helps with ice cream service, and Zeroll's thick, ergonomic handles let you dip at home or in restaurants without hand fatigue. Zeroll also offers a line of dishers in a range of sizes and colors. Over the years, Zeroll designs have expanded to include spades, decorating spoons and an entire line of essential cooking utensils. Nylon utensils, which include ladles, serving spoons, slotted spoons, turners and spatulas, protect your pots and pans. Zeroll's nylon utensils are characterized by a stainless steel body for durability and comfortable grips that make it easy to stir, turn or serve food repeatedly. Top-Loose, an innovative Zeroll product, mounts under cabinets for an out-of-the way kitchen helper. The device delivers a vice-like grip on jar lids. Add a small amount of pressure to turn the jar, and even the most stubborn container will open. Zeroll stands behind each of its products, and many of its patented ice cream scoops feature a lifetime warranty against defects.
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