For more than 90 years, Zojirushi has made it a point to bring the latest technology to consumers in a way that meets the culture and lifestyle of the era. Ninety years ago, that meant pioneering glass-lined vacuum bottles. Today, that innovative spirit brings small appliances, storage devices and other accessories to modern kitchens throughout the world. From Zojirushi's signature rice maker series to premium thermal carafes to keep your coffee piping hot, the technology and attention to detail will delight kitchen enthusiasts. Serve up warm breads when you put a Zojirushi bread maker to work in your kitchen -- with high-end technology included in the design, you'll be able to set a timer and wake up to the smell of baking bread. Couple that with a Zojirushi coffee maker and storage carafe, and you'll start every morning in a delightful manner. It's not all about breakfast, though. Zojirushi products deliver quality service throughout the day, and once you place one on your kitchen counter, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Popular Styles:
We know that rice can be a sticky business, and cooking it in a pot doesn't always come out, even for the experienced cook. That's probably why Zojirushi's line of rice cookers is so popular. Pour the ingredients, press a few buttons and you'll have fluffy, perfect grains every time. Some of the appliances even double as vegetable steamers.

Brand Features:
  • Convenient appliances for your countertop
  • On-the-go food and beverage solutions
  • Commercial grade small appliances and accessories
  • Innovative and reliable technology
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